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SMAC is an All-In-One Streaming Solution capable of scaling for any size business. Our solution helps you manage streaming, Wowza servers, encoding, billing, media assests, content monitization and hosting.

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Are you looking for a solution to stream your live events or meetings, while also managing videos? Choose a plan and start streaming now!

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Do you have a Wowza Server? Are you searching for a way to manage it? Do you have customers that would also like this solution? Find the plan that is right for you!

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Are you looking to stream live video now? Are you looking to manage your Wowza Media Server(s)? Either way and regardlesss of your size, Synapse Media Admin Console (SMAC) will work for you.

If you want to stream live video and video on demand for your church, school or business, just click 'Start Streaming Now' and you will be on your way to accomplishing all of your goals with no extra administrative burden!

If you want to manage your Wowza Media Server(s) or start your own reselling business, click 'Manage my Wowza Server' now. With this option, not only are you able to manage your Wowza Server without touching any XML, but you are also able to monetize your media assets by using advertisements or reselling sub accounts to your own customers!